After being suspended by Kickstarter last November 16, the survival horror game, Dusk, has finally returned via Indiegogo. Interested people who wish to back the game in development may do so by visiting this link.

Currently in development by Arsenal Studios, Dusk – based on its story and trailer – took inspiration from the popular post-apocalyptic movie, I am Legend. The goal is to survive, but just like other survival games, things get more perilous at night than the day. Arsenal Studios didn’t say much about the mechanics, but they dropped a few pieces of information on their website:

“By night, you are hunted by cunning creatures who will learn your strategies and attempt to outmaneuver you. You can fight back with brute force, build up defenses, use parkour to escape, or play with stealth and blend in with the night.

Tame beasts to gain a loyal companion who will protect you and fight for you. The world is roaming with everything from wolves to lions. What you attempt to befriend depends on how courageous you are. Give your pet a name and look after each other. It’s an unforgiving world and friends are few and far between.”

The project was suspended by Kickstarter for no clear reasons. According to the studio behind the game, “Alright backers. Someone got upset and reported this project. We will be setting up a new campaign on our website, via PayPal wait for the link.”

They also added last December 6 , “Project is still running. And has been accepted with steam and xbox! Donate via our website! All prizes still in effect until release! Questions can be asked at Check our website at”

Backers of its minimum tier ($20) will get early beta access, Artic Wolf Companion, digital soundtrack download and name in credits). Meanwhile, those who are generous enough to back the project at its most expensive tier ($1000) will receive everything from the minimum tier plus 5 more items. Arsenal Studios did not provide more details about the latter bonus items.

Dusk is expected to be released on PC via Steam and also Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2018. But – our million dollar question – will really ever be released?

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