In celebration of the upcoming holidays, Vivo has released a short video depicting a story of a widow, her children, and a husband and father they lost in war.

Silent Christmas

What’s the story behind a selfie? A family in need of Christmas cheer is surprised by an amazing group of people. Watch until the end to appreciate how they affect the Christmas of all Filipinos. #VivoSelfieStory

Vivoさんの投稿 2017年12月6日(水)

The Story revolves around Christmas Eve, where Carolers were offering a grieving family, their own rendition of Silent Night. They were then welcomed inside the house, and saw a portrait of the father of the home – a soldier who perished fighting for peace.

The video has already sparked interest in many Filipinos, garnering a million views, 5,000 shares and 52,000 likes at the time of writing. Its theme surrounding Family, Christmas, Togetherness, and Gratitude, has truly touched the hearts of many Filipinos.

The comments section was filled with gratitude for soldiers who faught tirelessly to restore peace and stability in the city of Marawi. Some even thanked Vivo for giving them a proper channel to say thank you, as they will be able to celebrate this Christmas in peace.

Vivo’s Special Video not only pays tribute to our brave soldiers, but also shares just how meaningful and unique Christmas is for the Filipino family.

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