Last January 16, DJI once again surprised us yet again with another announcement that struck us with their uber mysterious video. Here, take a look:

“What are we? We are but billions of atoms and molecules patterned together in harmony and yet from the seemingly insignificant signs comes formidable strength and power. We are all struck from the same elements from something so small. The beginning of something truly mighty. The question is, are we ready for what’s to come?”

The video might interest you because of another successor of drone has come. Well, apparently, a recent discovery from has made us very curious. If you would type in your browser this address:, it will take you to the DJI main page. They made a little experiment that if you type, or it will go to a 404 page. *edited – the page has been taken down

Another piece of leakage has been detected somewhere in Asia. Take a look:A tarpaulin has been made and it made the real signs of a new drone, the DJI Mavic Air. Looks a lot like DJI Spark but this bad boy can take 4K videos in its 32 MP camera, I think that’s 21 minutes of battery life and a waving hand gesture just like in DJI Spark. This is a developing story and we will see on January 23, in New York time, if all of this is true.

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