2017 is the best year of Gadget Pilipinas. We posted a total of 877 articles last year, and generated close to 600,000 pageviews based on our recent Google Analytics report. Our website was hit with several design and server issues in 2017, and it affected the overall performance of the site. The influx of new competitors in the industry – while we welcome this wholeheartedly – put us in a position to think of ways to “be different” in our campaign executions to please our audience, readers and advertisers.

Our goal for 2018 is to close the year with 1,000,000 pageviews at a minimum. This may be small from our bigger competitors’ perspective in the industry, but it’s a huge feat for us to take. In order for us to do this, we can’t just simply rely on social media and video referrals. Our goal is to have a healthy mix of referrals from social and organic search, and decrease pageviews from direct channel. Based on our recent data, about 25% of our total pageviews in 2017 were driven by our social media posts. The rest were from organic search and direct.

We must admit, despite being able to explain the steps we need to do to reach our 2018 goals, there are so many things to learn,  understand and fix.  There is no better way to do this than tapping a team that will provide us expert advise and help us achieve a much better year.

This 2018, our team tapped Step Web Services, a Manila-based company that offers SEO and SEM  for businesses in the country. It is owned by James Havell, who has over 20 years of online marketing and advertising services in the UK.

James Havell of Step Website Services and Gian Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas / Blip Media
James Havell of Step Website Services and Gian Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas / Blip Media

During the initial phase of their service, Step Web Services found out and confirmed that our site suffers from several SEO issues, including broken internal links, unstable server performance and missing files. Unstable server performance was brought about by installed website plugins that load too many scripts, which use hefty server resources.

Step 1

Apart from the 21-page report provided by Step last December 2017, James also gave tips on how to improve our page’s rank on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. While our media brand has impressive social media marketing exposure, its overall performance is being dragged down by poor SEO implementations. We found out that we need to take time in filling out alternate texts, get our metadata right, see if there are missing files/pages and further improve the construction of our articles.

3 weeks since we received the report by Step, we initiated a massive overhaul of our website. We will incessantly optimize the site throughout the year, and with Step’s help, we will reach 1,000,000 pageviews this 2018.

Here are the other things provided in the initial report:

  • Highlight all areas that need urgent attention.
  • Provide advice and support with making changes using your own web designer or developer.
  • Can also meet with your web designer or developer to explain and instruct changes.
  • Will provide ongoing SEO reports every month to access improvements being made.
  • Meet with you at least once a month to discuss SEO report and results.

With all the input Step Web Services provided, our team is confident that we can reach our goals this year. This newly forged partnership will not just benefit both parties but also everyone who have been avid readers and viewers of  Gadget Pilipinas.

Founded in 2009 by Gian Viterbo, Gadget Pilipinas is one of Philippines’ top sources for news, tutorials, reviews and tips about the latest trends in technology, gadgets, games, social and digital media and cyber culture.