At the recently held Qualcomm Technology Day in Beijing, OPPO CEO Tony Chen announced a partnership between the two brands for “The 5G Pioneer Initiative”, which is basically exploring the countless possibilities for bringing improvements in the mobile phone experience through comprehensive solutions.

oppoxqualcomm5g 3 1
OPPO CEO Tony Chen (5th from the left)

“The 5G mobile network is going to change the global mobile industry structure, and mobile phones will become the major terminal for the Internet of Things. OPPO has been focusing on technology innovation in the past which has laid great foundations for 5G related R&D. In the future, OPPO will continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence, and apply these to product scenarios based on the core needs of users. In 2018, OPPO will speed up entry into global markets, and specifically enter more developed countries like Japan, to provide smartphones featuring advanced technologies and artistic design to more users in the world.” – OPPO CEO Tony Chen

oppoxqualcomm5g 2
OPPO Vice President Alen Wu

“The upcoming 5G era is unprecedented for the mobile phone industry, and OPPO will work together with our partners in the industry to grasp opportunities in this field. OPPO plans to launch 5G mobile phones in 2019 to bring the greatest 5G experience to users around the world. Qualcomm Technologies has always been a key strategic partner and, OPPO will continue to deepen cooperation with Qualcomm to facilitate healthy development of the industry. ” – OPPO Vice President Alen Wu


OPPO is in fact, the only smartphone manufacturer to have participated and contributed  to the 5G technology R&D trial phase 3 specifications released in Beijing by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, a key organization created by a number of  official ministries in China.

Back in 2015, the company assembled a special R&D team to focus on the next telecommunication standards, and even hired experts who have deep and concrete knowledge in the field of international standard development.

Manufacturers from China are leading the pack in embracing commercialized  5G networks. Now, they’re aiming at bringing the experience to millions of consumers worldwide.


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