With Apple’s recent statement regarding the battery issues on older iPhone units, Power Mac Center issued a set of guidelines on how they determine whether a device is qualified for battery replacement:

  • Devices must undergo diagnosis to check the battery condition and other internal and external physical/accidental damage or unauthorized modification that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • If such issues are found, the iPhone will be ineligible for the battery replacement.
  • If, other hardware issues are found during the diagnosis, an Apple Certified Engineer will recommend a part/unit replacement accordingly.
  • Customers are free to choose whether to proceed with the recommendation or not, if they decide to pull out, they will have to settle a diagnostic fee provided that the unit is out or void of warranty. The battery replacement fee is Php1,500 for eligible units out of warranty, inclusive of labor. This price may change due to importation costs and without prior notice.

This procedure is currently being implemented by Apple in all of their partner service centers.  Power Mac Center also assures each of its customers that their engineers are Apple-certified and are dedicated to their craft.  As such, there’s no reason or room to commit mistakes as whatever they do reflects the brand’s reputation.

Since its announcement two weeks ago, Power Mac Center has already successfully replaced the iPhone batteries of over 150 satisfied customers.


For further inquiries, you may call the AppleCare Hotline.

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