Recently, Vivo showcased innovative new technologies at Shanghai last June 2017. One of the most interesting technologies announced is the Vivo Under Display. In this technology, the plan is to place the fingerprint screen not in the usual button or region but instead beneath the screen or maybe behind the metal shell. The recent Computer Electronic Show, also famously known as CES, Vivo displayed in public their production-ready smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner.

This new year, we are seeing innovation right before our eyes, I mean literally. If we saw the in-display fingerprint scanner, can we also see an in-display selfie camera? Well, apparently, Samsung recently patented this kind of technology. There is one problem though — there is no production of that kind of camera yet. However, the idea is that the screen has a high refresh rate which will eventually flicker on and off the display and will the let the camera capture during the idle period. Sounds interesting, right?

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