Gamdias started venturing in the Philippine gaming business a couple of years ago. They offer various gaming peripherals – from gaming mice, headset, mechanical keyboards to PC components. Gamdias also offers the world’s first RGB Gaming Chair, the Achilles.

Among the many peripherals that they sell, Gamdias has proven to be quite a veteran in developing mechanical keyboards. One of them is the Hermes E2 7Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The E2 7Color is a TKL mechanical gaming keyboard that tenders a more affordable price tag compared to their other models.

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Gamdias E2 7Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The E2 7Color is very comfortable to use in typing and in maneuvering during games like PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends. For a button-smasher like me, I like to hear those clicky keys whenever I smash them. I’ve recorded the clicky keys for your pleasure.



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Gamdias-certified Mechanical Switches

From the box, the E2 7Color is presented to you as is with the 1.5m USB cable wrapped around a plastic at the side. The body of the keyboard is covered in hard plastic with two adjustable legs at the back and three rubber feet for stability. The keyboard is encased in a black matte coating that deliberately accommodates the gleaming of the backlight.

You’ll also find the Gamdias-certified mechanical switches underneath the keycaps. They have 4 available switch types – blue, brown, red, black. Going back to keyboard illumination, the E2 7Color pre-determined lights are divided per row – Green, blue, pink, orange, yellow and red. These lights can be set to only two modes, breathing and static that can be controlled through the keyboard itself by pressing Fn + Ins. Aside from that shortcut, the E2 7Color can also activate other functions by pressing Fn for media controls, volume control and adjuster for backlit brightness.


  • Clicky and interchangeable mechanical switches
  • Solid form and feel
  • Easy manuevering
  • Cheap price


  • Short unbraided 1.5m USB cable
  • Non-programmable lighting


My first impression to the E2 7Color is definitely its solid form and compact feel. The keycaps satisfy my button-smashing needs during in-game. The lack of manual included in the box may fall into one of the disadvantages for this type of keyboard. For its cheap price range, the E2 7Color can be a decent option being in a competitive tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard.

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