If you haven’t heard, Huawei momentarily  bumped off Apple’s place in the smartphone race last year becoming the  largest player after Samsung.  It’s range of smartphones  is as diverse as its multi-market approach which appealed to the masses as well as a flagship phone that can rival the best of what Samsung and Apple have to offer. I surmise that Huawei’s jump to second place has a lot to do with the capabilities of its cameras which have been the talk of the town on how smartphone cameras should perform.

If having, arguably, the best camera in a smartphone is what Huawei has to offer, shall we have three of them then?Here’s a sneak-peek on how it’s upcoming flagship, the P20 might look like.

Huawei P20 1
I see three Leica-lens cameras. Does having three than the usual two, make it better?

We shouldn’t believe the schematics right since anyone with an MS Paint can draw one. However, Huawei’s invite to its own press conference has it telling us that we’re going to “See mooore with AI”.

Huawei P20 2
Those three huge circles at the backdrop are telling.

So yes, book it already. Three lenses side-by-side.   Expect the unveiling of an awe-inspiring imaging power-house, next month.


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