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In an era where media consumption is no longer centered  just at home, but on mobile devices as well, users are now in need of a postpaid plan that gives them more data, to do more of what they love.

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That’s why Smart Communications recently introduced its new GigaX plans for postpaid users. These new plans offer a hefty 10GB of data allocation for streaming videos, and up to 7GB for open data access.

Why choose these plans?

  • Jampacked with data – You get up to 7GB of data allocation for surfing. There’s also a limited offer of 2x more data for selected handset bundles.
  • Loaded for video streaming – Wth 10GB of data for videos on ALL plans, stream all your favorite content from YouTube, iflix. Fox+ and iWantTV.
  • Data rollover –  For Plan 999 and above, you can extend the validity of your unused data allocation until the next month.

What plans are available?

Smart GigaX Plans - 1

You said twice the data allocation on selected devices. What are these devices?

  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
    • FREE at Plan 2399
    • 10GB (5GB x 2) for up to 6 months
    • 10GB of videos
    • Unli texts to all networks
    • 60 mins.  worth of calls to all networks
  • OPPO F5
    • FREE at Plan 1299
    • 9GB (4.5GB x 2) for up to 6 months,
    • 10GB of Videos
    • Unli texts to all networks
    • 50 mins.  worth of calls to all networks
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
    • FREE at Plan 799
    • 5GB (2.5GB x 2 ) for up to 6 months
    • 10GB of Videos
    • 150 texts to all networks
    • 20 mins.  worth of calls to all networks

To know more about Smart’s GigaX postpaid plans, visit

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