At its Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum, Samsung  Electronics Co. Ltd unveiled its new generation Family Hub Refrigerator, which offers an array of smart features that makes it more intelligent and interactive than before, while enabling integration with Samsung’s SmartThings IoT ecosystem.

Simplifying Life with Connected Home Control

The fridge is now part of the SmartThings Ecosystem, which lets users control and monitor connected devices from the Family Hub screen. Now, apart from being able to see what’s inside the fridge from the grocery store, and being able to set a reminder for the kids to clean their home after school, users will now be able to, for example, see who’s at the front door right from the fridge’s display, among other things.

Enhancing Food Management

The device also helps consumers in managing their food. Now, they’ll be able to see what’s inside the fridge form anywhere with the View Inside app. They can also create a shopping list, or tag items for reminders and expiration dates. Then there’s the new Meal Planner feature which provides recipes to the family based on preferences, dietary restrictions and expiration dates.

Strengthening Family Connections

Users can now share calendars, photos and notes through the Family Hub. And with Bixby, the fridge can actually recognize each user’s individual voice and provide information based on preferences such as news, weather and calendar updates.

Creating New Ways to Have Fun at Home

The Family Hub transforms the kitchen into an area where users can socialize with their peers.  They can now use it to access millions of songs through live radio apps, mirror content from their Samsung TV, or stream from their smartphone directly to the fridge.

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