Looking to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ on postpaid? Well, it’s your lucky day because Smart has given us a sneak peak of their postpaid offerings for Samsung’s latest flagships. Check out the matrix we prepared below, and see which plan is the right one for you.

 GigaX Plan 599GigaX Plan 799GigaX Plan 999Giga X Plan 1499GigaX Plan 1999
Data for all apps and sites2.5GB2.5GB4.5GB5GB7GB
Data for video streaming-10GB10GB10GB10GB
All-Net Calls20 mins20 mins50 mins60 mins70 mins
Data roll-over--YesYesYes

How about device cash-outs?

 GigaX Plan 599GigaX Plan 799GigaX Plan 999Giga X Plan 1499GigaX Plan 1999
Samsung Galaxy S9 (64gb)PhP33,000PhP32,000PhP30,000PhP24,000 or PhP1,000 monthPhP21,600 or Php900/month
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (64gb)PhP42,000PhP39,000PhP36,500PhP31,200 or PhP1,300/monthPhP28,800 or PhP1,200/month
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (128gb)PhP43,000PhP41,000PhP39,000PhP33,600 or PhP1,400/monthPhP31,200 or PhP1,300/month
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (256gb)PhP48,000PhP46,000PhP44,000PhP40,800 or PhP1,700/monthPhP36,000 or PhP1,500/month

Referring to the above tables, y ou can get the Galaxy S9 for as low as PhP2,499 (PhP 1499 + PhP1000)  per month on GigaX Plan 1499, and the Galaxy S9+ for as low as PhP2,799 (PhP1,499 + PhP1,300) per month on the same plan.

For more information, you may visit https://smart.com.ph/Postpaid.


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