You are home alone, at the dead of night and you hear a child laughing, what do you do? You either a) stop whatever you’re doing and look at the direction of the laughter b) get a frying pan and get ready to swing at anything that moves PUBG style  or, c) call your neighborhood arbularyo for a paranormal reading?

If you own an Amazon Echo or Dot then its safe to say, its none of the above. The intelligent personal assistant, which is capable of voice interaction and can provide music playback, to-do-lists, and even control smart devices has reportedly been creeping out its owners by laughing like a kid ghost unprompted. Maybe it just decided it wanted to have some fun when you least expect it. Jimmy Kimmel even featured his own Echo speaker, telling his audience that the Alexa laugh “sometimes happens just after I take off my pants.”

Amazon Echo, Amazon, dot, Alexa
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Amazon, in their official statement, says that the cause of the phantom chuckle is Alexa mishearing the phrase, “Alexa, laugh”.  The problem is that Alexa is just mishearing people, so Amazon fixed it. The simpler command “Alexa, laugh,” won’t work anymore. You’re going to have to ask her nicely with,  “Alexa, can you laugh?” “Sure, I can laugh,” is what you’ll hear her say  before hearing the laugh.


There are few Amazon Alexa owners in the Philippines too, but we haven’t heard any reports from local users.

Somewhere in their self-contained AI universe, Siri and Cortana are giving themselves a high-five and a sharing a chuckle we’ll probably never hear.



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