We haven’t heard much about Blackberry lately. It was even absent in the recent Mobile World Congress so news about the brand is as sparse as it gets. But an apparition of what seems to be their latest entry has got us giddy.

A new leak from Evan Blass (@evleaks) shows us the bezel-less profile of the premium Android handset: the Blackberry ‘Ghost’.

Blackberry Ghost 2

Indeed, bezel-less is the trend but we were hoping for Blackberry, a brand known for its physical keyboard and solid security, to be a bit different. For now, without any information on specifications and price, it looks like any other Android phone.

Will we be seeing a similar version in our shores? Don’t count on it. It’ll only be available in India, where Blackberry has an exclusive long-term deal to design and manufacture handsets for one of India’s telco giants. 

If you’re in the hunt for Blackberry though, it is sold locally through your usual retail and online channels.


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