Everyone wants a piece of the “Plus” pie, so it’s no surprise that the HTC Desire 12 low-end phone is having a bigger sibling, the HTC Desire Plus.

The Plus variant will increase its’ screen by 8.9% (from 5.5″ to 5.99″) while keeping its 720 x 1440px resolution (268 ppi). The cameras also get a do-over. A single 13MP camera is housed at the back which claims to have tech that will allow for quality low-light performance while an 8MP camera does the snapping duties at the front.HTC Desire Plus 2

HTC Desire Plus also moves over to the Qualcomm family, arming itself with an octa-core Snapdragon 450.  The  entry-level plus variant will have 32GB of internal flash memory, with approximately 23.5GB being available to users, whereas a microSD card should also be part of the package. The said handset will measure in at 158.24 x 76.54 x 8.39mm and weight 155.01g making it a light phone for a Plus variant. As expected, the Desire 12 Plus will  pack a bigger 2,965mAh battery which carries 9% more capacity than its smaller sibling.

Expect HTC to unveil both devices in the coming months.


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