If you love going on adventures just to get the perfect footwear, dodging again, and again, and again, just to keep your HP up, or even if you’re the type to just hack and slash everything you see, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is the game for you.

The game was released earlier this year, greeting die-hard fans of the popular franchise, and inviting new gamers with hunting.

The fantasy action RPG is a modern and improved version of its predecessors. Don’t go rushing in though. The game is not pro gamer level, but it’s challenging all throughout. It is all about hunting monsters, from the smallest to the biggest and angriest of ‘em. But every step of the way gets more challenging.

You start by journeying to a beautifully-made new world, armed with light gear. Don’t worry, you’ll get better gear throughout the game, depending on the kind of weapons you hunt. May it be lighter weapons that help you cut through a foe’s armor bit by bit or a heavy weapon that simply does the job right every time you attack.

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World’s story revolves around you becoming the best hunter in this new land. And to become the best, you need to defeat the biggest and nastiest of monsters like Zorah Magdaros—an elderly dragon that looks like something that just came out of a lava bath. Throughout the game, you track Zorah’s movements while trying to get better with your skills and upgrading your gear in the process for that battle of biblical proportions.

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It’s the grind!

To prepare you, you will need to beat monsters, loot ‘em, craft better items using the loot, and selling unwanted stuff to get more money to buy even better gear. World offers a lot of gear at your disposal. From different kinds of swords, shields, hammers, lances, to specialized accessories, and charms to help you, you’ll love beating the monster you need to kill or capture just to craft the perfect set of items.

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The grind to get that special and upgraded equipment is not easy on Monster Hunter: World. However, Capcom made sure that every step of the way to grind for a specific item can be done in a logical yet enjoyable fashion? Sever a tail to get a tail item; cut a horn to get a horn, or attack that talon from a flying Wyvern to acquire one. There is RNG, but like any other game that involves such kind of mechanics, the system that Capcom put up make Monster Hunter: World an enjoyable game to play. 

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Better played with friends

If you’re new to this kind of game, it will take you some time to get used to the playstyle. But trust us, you’ll love every moment of it. You won’t be alone anyway. Everyone needs the purr-fect hunting partner right? Excuse the pun. Well, you have your cat, Palico, helping you, annoying you, and making you laugh at the same time on your way to hunting perfection. Oh and you can customize your Palicos to look purr-fect. There I go again…

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By the way, a feature that gamers are excited about is the multiplayer function. Yup! You heard that right. You can team up with three other players to create a squad, go on a journey together, get kills, and loot not just twice, but thrice as fast. And hey, the more the merrier right? Although, with Monster Hunter: World, the more people who take on a specific assignment or investigation, the meaner the monsters will be. So the challenge to stack up is high and the skill level requirement goes up a notch.

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You’re given an option to create a squad or join one of your friends’ squads. But we advise you to lead the squad so you can remove that one friend who isn’t strong enough to hunt with you. Just kidding! Have fun with your friends, guys. Come on!

Monster Hunter: World’s multiplayer feature needs a lot of work and improvement. Every now and then, we encountered random disconnections and inability to connect to a squad member’s or a friend’s game. We use both PLDT Fibr and Converge at home, and we can’t seem to have a smooth connection while playing on either of these connections.


Overall Monster Hunter: World is a game of creativity, action, fun, and patience. If you haven’t tried a Monster Hunter game in the past? It’s the best time to start. And if you’re a constant monster hunter, it’s time to prove your skills.

Monster Hunter World is available for PS4 and XBOX ONE. But we’re expecting a release for our cousins on PC later this year. For more on Monster Hunter: World and other games, don’t forget to subscribe.

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