The fight for that precious real estate on your wrist is more exciting than ever with smartwatches and fitness trackers leading the card. Smartwatches have become like your ordinary all-you-can eat buffet. You pay a hefty price for what seems to look like stuff you want but in reality you just consume a pint-sized portion. Some smartwatches are like phones that can make and take calls, but none really take advantage of since connection is a hit or miss affair. On the flipside, you have fitness trackers which are like your freshly made garden salad. It counts as a meal but it kind of leaves you wanting for more.  Fitness trackers are  glorified versions of pedometers that can do what it’s supposed to effectively (count steps) but can’t seem to deliver other stuff that you wish it had, like being able to respond quickly to messages.  It’s on two extremes which of course can’t appeal to the mainstream market who think that either is too much or too plain.

Fibit is launching something that might be right for anyone’ who might be in the market for a smartwatch or a souped up fitness tracker. Dubbed, Fitbit Versa, it’s Fitbit’s latest offering to the mainstream adopter. It’s got the basics down, such as step tracking, sleep tracking (we reviewed the sleep insights using the Alta HR and it was superb) and quick messaging.  It also has on-device music which means you can do a workout or a run and play 300+ song sporting a bluetooth headphones without being tethered to your phone. If you’re a swim junkie, the Versa won’t disappoint since it can log your open-water swims since the smartwatch is GPS-enabled.

And, for those who identify themselves as female, the Fitbit Versa can also give you insights on your menstrual cycle since as studies show, women don’t know how regular (or irregular) their cycles are. The app in the Versa, after establishing a trend,  can then give the ladies a heads-up when the next period will hit.


So how much is it?  For the price of a low/mid range phone, you can get your own Fitbit Versa in the second quarter of the year for PHP 13,890. It comes in black with a black aluminum case, gray with a silver aluminum case, or peach with a rose gold aluminum case. There’s also a Fitbit Versa Special Edition which will retail for PHP 15,590. Accessories range from PHP 1,899 to PHP 5,499. You can check them out at retail stores including Digital Walker, Globe, Liberty, Runnr and Lazada.

Check out the images of the Fitbit Versa, below:

Fitbit Versa Front Peach 7 Day Heart
Product render of Fitbit Versa in front view showing home 7 day heart rate on screen
Fitbit Versa WovenSpecialEditions
Product photography of the Versa special edition woven family
Fitbit Versa Lifestyle Classic White Flyer MaleOutdoorWorkout
Lifestyle photo of young asian male with versa and adjusting flyer, medium shot


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