For the first time, ASUS Republic of Gamers gave me an exclusive look at how they carefully tore my Zephyrus apart and gave it the maintenance it well deserved. A few months ago, we blogged about this new free premium service to everyone who locally purchased ROG/FX units from ROG Authorized resellers within their 24 months warranty coverage.


ROG Premium Care Experience 21

I bought my ASUS ROG Zephyrus with 1080 Max-Q design last September 29, 2017. Since I’m obviously within the warranty period, I thought that it might be best to have it checked and serviced by ASUS. Oh, just to get things straight, there’s nothing wrong with my laptop. We just wanted to try the service, and show you guys how they actually do it! Special thanks to Technical Public Relations of ASUS Republic of Gamers, Matt Animos, for giving us this rare and exclusive opportunity.

A Full View of ROG Premium Care

Over-All System Diagnosis

ROG Premium Care Experience 13

When you bring your laptop to official ASUS ROG reseller, the authorized and training service provider will fully subject your device to inspection and diagnosis. This is what they did with my Zephyrus.

This is an important and beneficial step for both parties as they both need to identify the current status of the device and agree on the steps that the device will be subjected to.

Thermal Compound Re-pasting

ROG Premium Care Experience 78

Thanks to ASUS’ partnership with CoolerMaster, the leading innovator of cooling technology, the company is committed to using top of the line thermal compound for your laptop’s CPU and GPU to prevent the system from damage.

While my laptop isn’t yet due for this, the authorized service partner (ASP) still had to apply thermal compounds to fully demonstrate the service. Of course, prior to repasting, the ASP had to fully disassemble my laptop using compatible tools and anti-static wrist strap.

Fan / Air Vent cleaning

ROG Premium Care Experience 59

Zephyrus has a highly sophisticated air vent systems. Guided by electronic manual, the ASP managed to disassemble everything with ease and precision.

Memory “golden pins” cleaning

ROG Premium Care Experience 77

Anyone who does DIY system unit cleaning can probably do this. The ASP cleaned my memory golden pins (not in photo)  with utmost care. You’ll be surprised that they cleaned it with a rather unsophisticated tool – a soft white eraser.

Keyboard Cleaning

ROG Premium Care Experience 82

Zephyrus keyboard is part of a single slate that covers the entire innards of the laptop. After cleaning and applying thermal compounds, the ASP squeaky cleaned the full slate and reassembled everything back together.

Cosmetics Part Cleaning

ROG Premium Care Experience 83

The ASP also managed to clean every bit, pieces and areas of the laptop. Yes, the cleaning includes the USB ports, aluminum bezels, front panel, hinges and the LED ROG logo.

LCD Cleaning

ROG Premium Care Experience 88

ASUS’ ASP also cleaned the laptop’s LCD using an official cleaning compound.


ROG Premium Care Experience 95

After reassembling everything, the ASP provided recommendations on how I can properly take care of my unit. A couple of points that I gathered from his recommendation:

  • Be sure to automatically set the laptop to enable sleep mode when the lid is closed. If this is disabled (on battery or plugged in), the laptop will continuously generate heat, which can damage the system unit and the LCD.
  • Get a laptop cooler to augment the cooling and vent systems of Zephyrus; or, get yourself into a cool and well-ventilated place. Prior to repasting, the CPU’s temperature was reaching 86 to 97 degrees Celsius. This is within the acceptable limits of Intel CPUs. (98 to 110 degrees is the scary hot part). After repasting, my CPU’s temperature now goes within the range of 84 to 904 at mid to high load scenarios.

Final Over-All System Check-Up

Final Over-All System Check-Up

ASUS Zephyrus Review 8

After the service, I booted the PC, played a few rounds of PUBG, checked my temps and overall performance, and confirmed that everything performs well better than expected.

Please note that the one-time free service is applicable to ASUS consumer notebooks, ROG and FX-series purchased from ASUS or ROG concept stores (and other authorized resellers) that are still within the 24-month warranty.

If you’re eligible and you wish to avail the service, we recommend that you do this after 12 months from the time you purchased your PC. In our case, we only had to do this for us to experience the Premium Care.

We recommend that you call (02) 7985700 to book or chat them via My ASUS App. Give them the following:

  • Full name and location
  • Model, serial number and proof of purchase

If you purchased your units outside the Philippines from an unauthorized reseller, you may still avail the same maintenance service for an SRP of PhP2,995.

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