With the introduction of full screen displays, there’s always been an issue of where will the front camera go, or how to make the phone even more bezel-less. And while most companies have resorted to a notch or placing the front cam on the lower part of the screen, Doogee has thought of something else. Not entirely new, but makes sense.

A video of the upcoming Doogee Mix 4 has been posted by Arun Maini, also known as  Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube, showing the phone’s sliding design (around 2:38). What it means is that a different section of the phone slides up from behind to show the front cam, along with the other sensors, while the rest of the display can stay bezel-less or almost, without having to use a notch. In this case, the Mix 4 still has quite an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 97%

Now of course, this means that the phone may lose the slim form factor, but i’d say that’s an okay trade-off.  You’ll also have to slide that part up whenever you want to take selfies or unlock the phone using facial recognition, and there’ll be more moving parts, which may be prone to failure with repeated use.

A fingerprint icon can also be seen on the screen, which means that this upcoming model may have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Regardless, I think it’s a clever idea. What do you guys think? hit us a comment down below.

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