Looking for a laptop with the essentials down pat with a full-sized keyboard? Samsung’s three new Windows laptops, the Samsung Notebook 5 and Notebook 3 models might be for you.

Both models have a practical build owing to its humble specifications. The Notebook 3 comes with three variants, the first one has a 14″ 720p display while the other two have identical 15.6″ screens with 720p or 1080p resolutions.

While their screens are as basic as it can get, the metal body, full-sized keyboard, anti-glare panels, and the option on getting 7th or 8th gen Intel processors give the Notebook 3 and 5 Series’ bump up the value proposition quite a bit. Check out the images and spec sheet of the Samsung Notebook 3 and 5 Series below:

samsung notebook

Samsung Notebook 5 Samsung Notebook 5 Samsung Notebook 5 Samsung Notebook 5
Samsung Notebook 5


Samsung Notebook 3 Samsung Notebook 3 Samsung Notebook 3 Samsung Notebook 3
Samsung Notebook 3

The Samsung Notebook 3 and 5 will be available first in Korea (in April) and will then launch globally (including in Brazil and China) in Q2.

Samsung Notebook 3 14″ Samsung Notebook 3 15.6″ Samsung Notebook 5 15.6″
Display 14″ 720p 15.6″ 1080p
15.6″ 720p
15.6″ 1080p
Processor Intel 8th gen quad-core
Intel 7th gen dual core
Intel 8th gen quad-core
Intel 7th gen dual core
Intel 8th gen quad-core
Intel 7th gen dual core
Graphics Integrated Integrated
Nvidia MX110 (2 GB)
Nvidia MX150 (2 GB)
Battery 43 Wh 43 Wh 43 Wh
Weight 1.68 kg 1.97 kg 1.97 kg
Thickness 19.8 mm 19.9 mm 19.6 mm



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