Yes, you read it right. YouTube is free every day if you’re on Smart Prepaid! The 2nd biggest search engine on the planet and the biggest network, Smart Communications, just made this possible for everyone during their announcement yesterday and Manila Ballroom, Mariott Hotel, Manila.

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The new promo gives 1GB daily allowance for all prepaid subscribers. If you’re on Smart Prepaid, all you need to do to enjoy this new promo is to subscribe to any load packages for as low as PhP20 like the following:

  • GigaSurf99
  • AllOutSurf99
  • GigaSurf 50
  • AllOutSurf 30
  • Panalo Data 30
  • Panalo Combo 30
  • Super Combo 20
  • Big Time Data 70
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Oh and just in case you’re not aware, the same load packages above include promos from Smart, TNT and SUN prepaid. In fact, as previously mentioned, you can just subscribe to as low as PhP20 like Smart’s All Out Surf 20 to enjoy Free YouTube for 1GB per day.

Subscribe to this and get all benefits + 1GB Youtube

subs messaging
All Out Surf 20
P20/1 day ALLOUT20 to 9999 150MB Data
Unlimited Facebook
Unli All Net SMS
20 mins calls to Smart, TNT, SUN


Frequently Asked Questions

From April 17 to July 15, Smart, TNT and Sun Prepaid subscribers can enjoy FREE access to YouTube up to one (1) hour per day, every day!

All Smart, TNT and Sun subscribers that are registered to selected prepaid promos will be automatically get Free YouTube Every Day.

For Smart, subscribers registered to any Smart Prepaid promos worth P 20 and above are qualified.

For TNT, subscribers registered to the following TNT promos are qualified: GigaSurf 50, All Out Surf 30, Super Combo 20, Panalo Combo 30, Panalo Data 30.

For Sun, subscribers registered to any Sun Prepaid promos worth P 20 and above are qualified.

Smart Prepaid Subscriber TnT Subscriber Sun Prepaid Subscriber
Prepaid promos worth at least P20.

Giga Surf 50
All Out Surf 30

Load any of the following only:

  1. Giga Surf 50
  2. All Out Surf 30
  3. Super Combo 20
  4. Panalo Combo 30
  5. Panalo Data 30
Prepaid promos worth at least P20.

Big Data 70
Sun Wais 100

No. Free YouTube Every Day is available for selected prepaid promos – whether call, text, data or combo promos

You can enjoy Free YouTube every day as long as the qualified promo you registered to is still valid. For example, if you are registered to a 7-day promo, you can access Free YouTube every day for 7 days.

You will be getting 1GB / day exclusively for YouTube access, which is equivalent to up to 1 hour of YouTube video viewing at a resolution of 720p (HD). Actual time may vary depending on video resolution, device used, network signal used (3G or 4G), and current subscriber traffic.

1GB / day for YouTube is equivalent to 1 hour of viewing at 720p resolution (HD). The standard video quality experience on a mobile phone is usually only at 480p.

It is possible to experience less than 1 hour per day if videos viewed will be of much higher resolution (such as 4K).

Nope. Your number of hours or data allocation doesn’t stack up. You can only get FREE YouTube ONCE per day.

You will be getting your Free YouTube access upon successful registration to the qualified promos of Smart, TNT and Sun prepaid.

Your Free hour of YouTube will start running as soon as you start accessing YouTube, either via app or website. You can choose to stop viewing before the 1 hour is done, and continue watching anytime within the day until the 1 hour is completed.

The Free YouTube access expires at the end of every day (11:59 pm). For succeeding days while qualified promo is still valid, Free YouTube access will be available at the start of each day. Make sure to keep your mobile data turned on to receive your FREE YouTube.

You will be receiving a notification that you’re Free YouTube for the day has been fully consumed. Continuing to watch YouTube will then start to use up your active data allowance on your currently registered promo. If you have no active data promo, you can continue watching YouTube and surfing other apps and sites by registering to any of your favorite data promos from Smart, TNT and Sun.

Yes. You can check via balance inquiry which will include information if you still have Free YouTube available for the day.

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