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If you follow us for quite some time now, you should already know that we love playing games. Over the past few months, we played and streamed a few games on our Twitch account. 2017 and 2018 have also been the years when we started clearing or finishing our gaming backlogs.

Shopee is such big enabler for gamers. For one, most of the accessories we need that we can buy for a budget may be bought at the latest e-commerce craze in the Philippines. Second, accessories and peripherals that we can’t normally find in some retailers may be found at Shopee.

If you play games on your mobile phone, PC, Nintendo Switch or PS4, then you might want to stick around and read our list, which you should consider buying at Shopee.

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JL-01 Game Controller and Phone Holder

If you're a fan of mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Vain Glory or AoV, then you've got to invest in something that would let you play comfortably. The touchscreen can be a handicap especially for 3rd person shooter games, so this JL-01 controller is just what you need. It features left and trigger buttons, which I, myself, am very eager to test.

DOBE Dust-Proof Kit For Nintendo Switch Dustproof Dust Proof

While the Nintendo Switch isn't much of a dust gatherer, it pays to take care of it from the usual wear and tear by getting this Dust-Proof Kit from Dobe. It wouldn't hurt the budget as it's just less than PhP295.


This pad can hold your keyboard and mousepad. At PhP120, it's quite unbelievable to see a mousepad this big at Shopee. The seller has been validated by Shopee though, and its insane product rating is another reason for you getting one for yourself. You need to take note thought that it's too big that it might not even fit your table. You've been warned.

Redragon A103 mechanical keyboard extra keycaps gold color

Ah - keycaps! If you've been using a mechanical keyboard, which has Cherry keys, this Redragon A103 gold color key caps may look great on your MKBs.

PUBG - WInner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! Shirt

PUBG craze isn't over yet. In fact, its player base even increased if we count mobile users in the mix. If you're a fan of the game and whether or not you've had a "Chicken Dinner" before, then you might want to nab this shirt via Shopee.


I always wanted to have a Cloud Strife figure by Play Arts on my gaming desk. Based on the movie, which follows the events after the Final Fantasy VII game, this figure is one of the best ones I've seen from Play Arts.

BM 800 Condenser Recording Microphone

If you're hunting for a budget microphone, then this BM800 condenser microphone could be your 1st investment on your road to becoming one of the country's successful streamers.

G1 Cooling Gamepad Power Bank game pad

A gamepad with a power bank and a cooler? Sign us up! If your smartphone gets hot easily while playing a game, this G1 Cooling Gamepad is amazing, to say the least.

PS4 Controller Silicon Sleeve and Thumb Grip Set Third

Fancy dressing up your PS4 controller? This less-than-PhP195 accessory is a good pick, and it comes with a thumb grip too.

Edifier R101PF Multimedia Speaker (Black)

I've been using an Edifier speaker for more than a month now, and so far, it proved itself to be a worthy purchase.
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