Denon HEOS 1 is not your average portable speaker. In fact, inasmuch as we want to categorize it as one, all the features and benefits we discovered while using it made us put it in the ‘smart speaker’ category.  We love it so much to the point of really wanting to get one for our ourselves.

Beyond Innovations and Denon are not advertisers of Gadget Pilipinas and Blip Media. The unit we reviewed is a loaned device, which we are required to return after the review period.

We’ve got tons of reasons why we love this smart speaker so much. However, in the interest of your time, we narrowed everything to 5 important reasons we can’t get our hands off of this device.

It just sounds so good!

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Good is an understatement when describing how this speaker sounds. Highs and lows are very well balanced, which is perfect if you’ve got a variety playlist. According to Denon, Heos 1 optimizes the sound via its precision acoustical processing algorithms that originated in top recording studios. It sounds really good, so whatever they meant by ‘processing algorithms’ works really well based on our experience.


The speaker has 2 drive units with 2 amplifier channels inside a very well designed enclosure: one woofer and one tweeter. Both of these drives work quite harmoniously as evidenced by the well-balanced sound it produces.

Oh, and did I forget saying that it’s loud too! Using our audio volume measuring tool, it registered a maximum of 109.6db. That’s really loud. It is as if you’re listening to a live rock music right in front of the band.

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Listen to your music the way you want it!

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There are several ways to listen to your music with HEOS 1. For one, you can just simply use your USB/Thumb Drive to playback your music. It has a wide array of format compatibility from FLAC to WMA. Yes, it does support high definition audio, so your FLAC and ALAC files may be ready easily via the USB drive.  Other ways to listen to your favorite tracks is to stream via your preferred music subscription service, via Bluetooth and auxiliary analog line input, which form part of our list. Let’s move along.

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Stream it baby!

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As previously mentioned, you can stream your music via your preferred music streaming service. This includes Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, TIDAL, Mood:Mix, Napster and Deezer. While you can control Spotify – for instance – via the downloadable HEOS application for Android (we used a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Huawei P20 Pro), you can navigate through your playlist and songs via Spotify app installed on other devices for as long as the speaker is connected to the same network. We tried it on Windows 10 PC, Mac and Playstation 4 Pro, and it worked flawlessly.

And about its HEOS application – Denon needs to put more effort to improve it. It works except that it sucks really bad. For one, it isn’t user-friendly, and most of the important features aren’t readily available and require extra effort to find it via the settings menu. Fix this, and we’ll update this review if you manage to please us.

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You can use 2 Heos 1 in perfect synchronicity!

2 HEOS 1

One of the amazing features that Denon demonstrated to us is the speaker’s ability to synchronize with another HEOS 1. At synchronized state, you can basically play your music to both devices without synchronicity issues. Since Denon only sent us 1 HEOS 1, we never only got the chance to try it out at our HQ. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing feature, which allows you to experience your music in a more immersive way.

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It’s heavy, but at least it’s still portable.

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Weighing exactly 1460g or 4 lbs, HEOS 1 isn’t the lightest smart speaker we reviewed. It’s heavy, but its weight lets it sit firmly on its place even when listening to dubstep at maximum volume. Its portability isn’t exactly about its weight though. It’s about your freedom to bring it everywhere you want – yes, even inside your bathroom. No, it isn’t waterproof but it has humidity resistance so please don’t deliberately splash a bucketful of water to your smart speaker.

That's it for our list!

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