If you value gaming so much on both desktop or mobile, you wouldn’t mind spending for the right accessories to keep your level high or perform at your best in-game. If you’re into playing games, which heavily invests in sound design like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite or even State of Decay 2, having the right headphone or earphone is just as important as having the best graphics card.

This is basically Plextone, a Shenzhen-based company that offers budget audio solutions, is offering with their latest wired in-ear earbuds, G30. We’ve used in-ear earbuds in the past, but you’d be surprised how Plextone designed this with gamers in mind.

Plextone G30 25In terms of design, Plextone G30 features a spheroidal in-ear foam, which lets you use it for long hours without feeling any pain. I confirm that this works as I’ve been using this for more than a week now. Ear horns are attached to each earphone stem to give it the right fit on your ears. Plextone included 2 extra sets of ear horns just in case the attached pair isn’t right for you.


Plextone G30 15

What makes this product interesting is the way they designed the microphone. Normally, the microphone module is part of the control keys, which is usually quite far from the user’s mouth. It isn’t actually a flawed design but Plextone thought that they could make something better by having an attachable adjustable microphone.

Plextone G30 12

I like the fact that the microphone is adjustable, and picks up my voice pretty well. My major complaints though are: (1) it picks up too much bass; (2) it uses 2.5mm jack, which means that you will need to spend in order to use other detachable microphones like the ones found at HyperX Cloud 2. Jack adapters usually cost around, PhP100 to PhP500 depending on where you’re going to buy.

If you wish to remove the adjustable microphone, another microphone is located just below the control keys. I find this very useful as I might not always bring the adjustable mic with me all the time.

Plextone G30 13In terms of sound quality, it’s good enough for its PhP999 price tag.  It is loud but bass is overly pronounced. It is expected though as it’s just as Plextone advertises it on its retail box. This helps quite a lot if you wish to use this while playing games such as PUBG on both desktop and mobile.

The inclusion of an adjustable microphone is extra helpful for games, which require strong teamwork and communication. It works pretty well on PUBG Mobile and via Discord on both mobile and desktop. If you’re using this on a desktop though, I highly recommend using Voicemeeter Banana so you can further balance or adjust treble and bass according to your preference.

It’s a budget in-ear earphones with well thought of and implemented features. The adjustable product is genius, and it’s the right product for gamers, both PC and mobile gamers. If you’re serious about getting yourself fully immersed on your favorite battle royale game, this is a must try for you.

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