BrandZAccording to the latest report from BrandZ, Huawei now ranks 48th in the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, after having increased its value by 22%. This is also the third consecutive year that the brand has been featured in the top 50, and for the first time, outperforming its U.S. counterparts.

The total value of BrandZ top 100 already reached US$4.4 trillion, that’s an increase of 204% over the past twelve years. As for the total net growth of all listed brands, it’s now close to US$750 billion, with every category achieving full growth for the first time on record. The global list is headed by Technology companies, with 8 out of 10 places in the top 10, and a combined value of more than half of the total brand value of the top 100.

Huawei’s brand value and ranking have grown steadily year-on-year, thanks to strong performance of its tablets, smartphones, and its continuing global expansion. Forbes also revealed its Most Valuable Brands of 2018, wherein Huawei ranked 79th, with a value of US$8.4 billion, and is the sole Chinese brand in the top 100.


With its high-quality products and trend-setting innovations, Huawei is taking the international industry by storm as it gears towards becoming a more iconic tech brand.



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