Panasonic has recently launched its newest lineup of 4K UHD TVs, the FZ1000 and FZ950 series. Featuring the company’s advanced 4K Pro HDR Technology, its newest OLED panel, the HCX 4K Processor, and the cutting-edge 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, these are designed to deliver stunning image quality and color accuracy coupled with a slim and elegant design.

The 2018 OLED range also feature an Absolute Black Filter, to give out the most accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light, which in turn eliminates reflections. These new TVs are also THX and Ultra HD Premium certified.

The FZ1000 Series in particular, boasts of an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker, which provides a 40 percent more volume, and is composed of 8 speaker units – 4 larger woofers, 4 squawkers, and 2 tweeters, along with a passive radiator to improve bass. It can also be wall-mounted completely flush with the TV.

The FZ1000 is available with a 65-inch panel, while the FZ950 is available with a 55-inch panel. Panasonic also launched a new range of 4K UHD LED LCD TVs.  The FX700 series in 65-inch and 55-inch panels, and the FX600 series in 49-inch and 43-inch panels.

FX700 series TVs and above are compatible with open platform HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology, which offers superior colour, contrast, and highlights, bringing a new era of home entertainment. The Dynamic Scene Optimiser – which analyzes each scene and optimizes the display to provide more accurate results, and the Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer, which uses a bult-in light sensor to continuously monitor the ambient light, and automatically adjusts the way HDR pictures are reproduced.

All of Panasonic’s 2018 Smart TV’s have been upgraded to the new My Home Screen 3.0 operating system, which allows for faster access to apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Panasonic’s superior image processing techniques have been finessed over decades of TV development with exceptional unique technologies while continuing a 20-year Hollywood collaboration. We are confident that our 2018 TV lineup will deliver the ultimate viewing experience for Filipinos to date.Mr. Shinichi Hayashi, President of Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation
Panasonic’s 2018 TV Lineup
  • OLED Range: TH-65FZ1000S, TH-55FZ950S
  • FX700 Series 4K HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-65FX700X, TH-55FX700X
  • FX600 Series: 4K HDR UHD LED LCD: TH-49FX600X, TH-43FX600X

To find out more and experience Panasonic’s newest 4K Ultra UHD TVs, you may visit any Robinsons, Ansons, Abensons, EMCOR, K Servico and Du Ek Sam stores.




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