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Every now and then, ever since Shopee set up shop in the Philippines (no pun intended), I always try to make sure that I check the tech section and look for stuff that might help me level up my blogging ante.  This has become my second nature, and being a frugal person – yes, I frugal – I find myself looking for the best deals the best way I can.

As my go-to eCommerce shop, I already bought several items from Shopee and I never actually had any problems. Here are just some of the products I bought from Shopee!

whwTrust me – I believe the only time I cancelled an order from Shopee was when I inadvertently ordered a Red Power Ranger mask for my kid when I was supposed to order a Spider-Man mask for myself. Please don’t judge me. It’s for work purposes!


Anyway, if you’re reading this, and you’re one of the few ones who are writing for passion or for a living, you might want to considering checking these out as well from Shopee!

Shopee Feature

Heat Absorbent Aluminum Laptop Stand (Black) - PhP1,699

If you want a clean and sleek workstation, this heat absorbent aluminum laptop stand by LoveShopping.PH is just one of the best I've seen. It has a minimalist build, and even has a hold for cable management purposes. I've got one at our workstation for our ASUS ROG Zephyrus, but wish to be able to buy one for Emman's laptop. Too bad, you can adjust the elevation, but that's something users won't mind, IMO.

RAPOO MT750 2.4G Wireless Mouse Multi-Mode w/ Bluetooth - PhP1,999

Rapoo is among the most underrated gaming peripherals brand. In a country where ASUS ROGs, MSI and Logitech are pretty well regarded by consumers, Rapoo has been in the sidelines and silently introducing amazing products in the market. In fact, their wireless mouse in the market is one of the best we've seen for several reasons: (1) it reminds us of Logitech's MX Anywhere; (2) it has multi-mode function, which automatically switches the required Bluetooth frequency to ensure stable wireless connection. The mouse even sports a button that lets users change the DPI level on the fly. And of course, its best kicker is its price!

Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam + Tripod Full HD - PhP4,999

If you're planning on live streaming your unboxing sessions or your latest game on Facebook, Twitch or Tamago, this is probably the best mid-range webcam you can find at Shopee! I already have one, but I'd like to buy another one so I can have a dual camera setup, which I can switch or show simultaneously. Oh, and by the way, if you're planning on streaming and you don't have any idea how you can do it, drop us an email and we'll help you! It's free of charge; but we reco that you get this webcam from Shopee!

TigerNu 15.6" Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack w/ FreeLock T-B3243 - PhP1,199

I stumbled upon this bag at Shopee Mall. It's being sold by TigernuPhilippines, and man I'm so pumped to get one for myself. For starters, 15.6-inch laptops can easily fit into this bag. Yup, there's even a free padlock!

15CM Metal Dual Flash Bracket Mount Holder with 1/4'' Screw for Tripod DSLR Came - PhP168

We often do comparo articles on our site. Sometimes, shooting the same subject with 2 phones is a bit tasking. What if we can mount two phones in one bracket, and shoot the same subject without having to put shuffle the phones in our pocket! This PhP168 mount bracket is just everything we need! If you do the same content like we do, then you might want to check this out too! There's just one caveat though - this listing ships from overseas so it might take by a month for us to receive this! I just really hope that there's one local seller that will bring it to PH!

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