Huawei recently announced GPU Turbo and if it seems at first that the “turbo” designation means blazingly fast performance we can’t blame you. but, you’ll have to temper those expectations for now.   The touted new bump in performance did not show a considerable  boost in performance in the limited trial that was done. Still, Huawei is riding this tech development and is now upping the ante with “CPU Turbo” – which we’ll find in  the Kirin 970-powered Honor Note 10.

Switching on  CPU Turbo is said to raise the clock speeds  and free up RAM. Like anything that needs some overclocking or boosting, it needs a way to keep temperatures to rise –  which is where “The Nine” – the Honor Note 10s featured cooling system. We all know that having a cooling system enables overclocking capabilities  but how about the power drain? Well, there’s a massive 5,000mAh battery which means power consumption concerns can be kept at bay.

It’s also touted to free-up some RAM and should allow games to load faster instead of reading them from flash storage.  6GB of RAM comes standard but there’s an 8GB option for those who want the top-spec. Is there a noticeable bump in loading times? We don’t know for sure, but both options should be able to give a better gaming experience.


huawei pc

The Honor Note 10 supports Huawei’s PC mode so the extra clock speed and free RAM could come handy for some desktop-grade software. Using the dedicated hardware button, you can enable both CPU and GPU Turbo modes on the Note 10.

Given how GPU Turbo was added as a software update to Kirin 970 (and 960) phones, we expect the same to happen with CPU Turbo (we’ll have to wait for official confirmation and a schedule from Huawei, though).


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