We knew there’s something about the latest NVIDIA Game Ready driver we received today!

Come September 6, the latest in the Battlefield series will be available for Open Beta in anticipation of its full release on October 19. The latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver – 399.07  – readies everyone who owns an NVIDIA graphics card to play the game.

rtx battlefield vMeanwhile, for reviewers and those who will be receiving the RTX 20xx units they ordered this September 20, they will be able to enjoy the ray-tracing support of the latest Battlefield game. Battlefield V is one of the first games enhanced with an NVIDIA RTX Real-Time Ray tracing on the latest RTX-series of GPUs by NVIDIA. You can check out coverage on this link. We hope to receive an RTX 20xx unit for our review so we can stream it to our channels and review accordingly.


The demo pre-load hits September 3, and will be accessible by September 6 for a limited time. If you pre-ordered the game or subscribed to Origin Premiere, you will get a 2-day headstart to play the game. It will feature Conquest on the Rotterdam and Artic Fjord maps, and Grand Operations on Artic Fjord.

The latest NVIDIA Game Ready driver also provide gaming optimization for F1 2018, Immortal: Unchained, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, Strange Brigade and Switchblade.

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