Oh, did you know that Shopee has a dedicated page where you can find all the products they are selling at the lowest guaranteed price? We’ve got a link that will direct you gadgets and electronics. Check it out here.

We scoured their website to find the best finds we found, and you’ll be amazed how they are able to bring the price down to such a level where you’ll get so tempted to buy one.

However, before we give you a list of some of the good ones we found, here’s how Shopee’s LPG works:

Lowest price guarantee or LPG compares price of items against competitors limited to Lazada and Zalora, and not within Shopee.  And to even the playing field, products that can be compared should be sold locally.

But how does Shopee do this?

Here’s the drill down we got from their website:

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Shopee has a complex system which do price comparison across our approved competitor(s). After the system does the price comparison, we then carefully add identified low priced products on the list. The current list of Low Price Guaranteed item in Shopee continues to grow as we add new items to the list daily. Aside from the system check, Shopee carefully review all submitted reports/claims and add approved to the list of Lowest Price Guaranteed.

Does this mean that you can be compensated for LPG claims? Yes, but you’ll be paid with Shopee coins, and provided that you have already purchased the product in Shopee. Yup, it kind of looks like a refund, but Shopee sees it as a compensation for helping them spot cheaper finds from ther competitors.

Now, here are some of the products that we found at Shopee that are way cheaper than its counterparts at Lazada.

HyperX Cloud Headset Carrying Case (HXS-HSCC1)

We’ve got a HyperX Cloud, but it’s a magnet dust! It would definitely be nice to cover and put it inside a carrying case. Shopee sells it and it’s 17% cheaper than Lazada’s price.

Tronsmart Edge 2000

We love Tronsmart, and seeing that the prices of some of their products like Tronsmart Edge 2000 is cheaper at Shopee, it might just be another reason for us to buy their products there.

YI 1080P Action Camera

Yi is probably the most underrated action camera brand in the market. If ever you’re in the hunt for an action camera that can perform like a premium one at the least cost, then better check out the listing at Shopee!

MXQ pro 4K Android ultra HD TV Box

If you’re on a hunt for a device that can turn your TVs to Smart TVs, then this Android-powered TV Box is for you! It has all the necessary ports you need plus compatibility with a 4K media content and video codecs. In fact, we have one courtesy of our friends from Long Live Play, and we’re amazed that Shopee sells this for a very price, even better than Lazada’s price.

L1R1 Trigger Button

With the advent of FPS and battle royale games on Android devices, the demand for physical buttos for aiming and firing weapons has grown significantly. L1R1 Trigger Buttons that may be attached to smartphones are sold at Shopee and Lazada, but surprisingly, the ones sold at the former is much cheaper than we expected. Check it out!

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