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Photo: GSMArena

With the Snapdragon 710, we thought that Qualcomm was already done updating its 600-series chips. But now, the company has just announced a new addition to the lineup, the new Snapdragon 670. They say that this new chip delivers a 25% increase in performance over the 660, with its main advantage being the 10nm manufacturing process, that leads to improved power efficiency.

If you look at it in detail, the Snapdragon 670 actually has the same configuration as the 710 – that means 8 Kryo 360 cores (2 big cores + 6 power efficient cores). The only difference is that its big cores run at a slower clock speed of 2.0GHz, while the smaller ones are at 1.7GHz. The company also announced the new Adreno 615 GPU, though no specifics were mentioned.

The Snapdragon 670 carries the same Spectra 250 ISP of the 710, though due to the lower clock speeds, it can only support a single 25MP camera or up to 16MP dual cameras. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support HDR video recording, as well as displays with QHD+ resolution. It uses the same modem as the 660 – the X12 LTE.


Perhaps the most notable feature of the Snapdragon 670 however, is its brand new AI engine, which allows it to take advantage of AI-assisted features which are not available on the 660.

The good news is that the chip is already commercially available, which means we’ll just have to rely on OEMs to actually use it. As far as pricing is concerned, we can expect devices that have it to be on more affordable price points.





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