Well, isn’t this what usually happens before a launch? oh wait. Anyway, a promotional video for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has surfaced online, revealing much of what the device’s new features will be. It’s allegedly from Samsung New Zealand, so this may be as official as it gets.

Photo: RTS RealTechShow on YouTube

Apart from showcasing the phone’s design, the video focuses on the added functionalities of the S-Pen, which comes in a yellow color, contrasting the Note 9’s blue color. There’s also a hint of massive storage, and an improvement in battery life.

Photo: RTS RealTechShow on YouTube

There’s a mention of “1 Terabyte Ready with Expandable Memory,” which probably means that the device will have 512GB of storage, expandable using another 512GB memory card.¬†Rumor also has it that the Note 9 will have a 4,000mAh battery.

Photo: RTS RealTechShow on YouTube

In any case, the official reveal is just a few days away. As usual, we’ll be covering the event to give you the latest updates, so stay tuned.

Note: The original video was immediately taken down, so the one in this article is from another source.

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