Tamago has forged a partnership with eGG Network, Rumble Royale and Execration to bring the coverage of The International 2018 or Ti8, the most prestigious and most-anticipated Dota 2 tournament to its fans in the Philippines.

Photo 4 Een Mercado
Een Mercado
Photo 1 Rex Kantero
Rex Kantatero
Photo 3 Gloco Gaming
Gloco Gaming

Spanning across the Group Stage and Main Event, the broadcast will feature an all-star line up of the country’s most influential gaming personalities, including Rex Kantatero, Gloco Gaming, Eenpanda, Kimo, and many more.

Photo 2 Execration Kimo
Execration’s Kimo

Commentaries will be taken care of by top Filipino hosts and shoutcasters, such as Kikaye, Rhys and TrinHil, as well as rising talents like BCY, Young Rafiki and Seth, while in-depth analysis will be done by Execration’s Kimo, Ewe, Fox and Yaha – some of the finest Dota 2 players in the Philippines.

Dota 2 fans like us have been following The International since the very beginning. It’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to put together such an exciting production in collaboration with Tamago, along with some of the top names in the local Dota 2 community. We’re also uncovering some up and coming casting talent in the Philippines who we believe will be the next big thing, so be sure to look out for the boys from Unity Casting Team: BCY, Young Rafiki and Seth throughout the stream. We can’t wait to bring this to you, it’s going to be fun!Gloco Gaming
As we have been casting for some time, it’s super exciting for us to be given an opportunity to cast on a big stage alongside the likes of Rumble Royale and Execration. Be sure to catch us on Tamago. BCY

The broadcast is available for free on Tamago. All you have to do is download the Tamago app from the App Store or on Google Play, or visit on your desktop, and search for room 2098 (Group Stage, Main Event) and 2198 (Group Stage) for Tamago’s exclusive coverage, or room 808 for eGG Network’s Official English Coverage of the event.

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