The ROG Strix Flare is the latest entry in the brand’s arsenal of mechanical gaming keyboards. With a new design which focuses on extended functionality not only for gaming, but also for general and entertainment purposes, it embodies a new approach to offering gamers a product that gives them a competitive edge, but at the same time, remains functional for everyday use.

Design and Build Quality

rog flare 26The first thing that you’ll notice with the ROG Strix Flare is its build quality. Despite being mostly made of plastic, the keyboard is quite heavy. The design utilizes a semi-metallic matte finish, which basically means you’ll see some tiny glittery effects when its illuminated from the right angle.

rog flare 29Focusing on added functionality, there’s a dedicated volume control roller on the upper left, which can also be pressed  to mute all sounds. There’s also dedicated buttons for controlling media playback, disabling the windows key, and turning the keyboard lights on or off.


rog flare 15A unique feature of this keyboard is the illuminated badge on the upper right side, which can be removed and customized with say, your name or logo, adding a personal touch. It also comes with a detachable wrist rest, for your convenience. There’s also a USB pass through at the back, for connecting other devices such as a mouse. The cable connecting the keyboard to your PC/laptop isn’t detachable, which means bringing it to a tournament may pose some problems.

rog flare 32The Flare uses ABS keycaps, which unfortunately, are more prone to fading with extended use. The review unit that was sent to us uses Cherry MX Red switches, which is ideal for fast typing and fast-paced gaming.

rog flare 14The keyboard allows you to increase or decrease the repeat acceleration using  Fn + Left Alt +  F1 to F4 keys. The higher the rate, the more letters appear within a second of pressing and holding down a key. I’d imagine this would be useful for games which require you to hold down a key to repeatedly perform an action.

You can also switch profiles, which are saved into the keyboard’s own memory, through holding down Fn + number keys 1 to 6.

rog flare 11Of course, an ROG Gaming Keyboard wouldn’t be complete without RGB lighting effects. As for the Flare, you can control its lighting effects by pressing Fn + Left/Right Arrow Keyt, or by using the Armoury II software, which can be downloaded from the ASUS website. Another unique thing about this keyboard is that it also has RGB lighting on the sides, creating an underglow effect.


rog flare 30Well, as far as typing and gaming are concerned,. the Flare is actually quite a joy to use. The travel distance for each key is quite short, so your presses register quickly. It’s not as noisy as when using Blue Switches too, so you can type away without waking up the person in the other room.

The keys have good grip and adequate spacing, which means there are less chances of you mistakenly pressing another button other than the one you intended to.


armoury 2ROG Armoury II gives you control over many aspects of the keyboard. From in-depth customization of RGB lighting effects, to setting up macros, and Aura Sync, which synchronizes the lighting effects with other compatible peripherals. The interface is quite straightforward and easy to understand.

armoury 1Each key can be programmed for other functions apart from its default one, such as opening a certain program. The software also allows you to create up to 5 profiles or custom settings for your keyboard.

armoury 3

It also features a tool for recording how many keypresses have been done for each key, or the total number of clicks on a mouse button.

If I had to ask for a feature, I’d wish that you can also reassign tasks to the roller, such as for scrolling up and down pages and documents.

rog flare 15
ASUS ROG Strix Flare Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
Our Verdict
The ROG Strix Flare is a well-rounded keyboard that's not only good for gaming, but also for general purpose, such as editing documents and spreadsheets. The buiild quality isn't the best, but what it lacks in that area, it makes up for by a ton of useful features, such as dedicated media keys, a volume control roller, a USB pass through port, being able to adjust repeat acceleration levels, RGB lighting, and Aura Sync. It's also quite comfortable to type on.. The mechanical switches are responsive, and aren't too loud. Travel distance is quite short, so keypresses register quickly, allowing you to quickly respond with movements to any situation in-game. The software is quite polished, and easy to use as well, It gives you full control over many aspects of the keyboard. For its price of PhP9,500, the ROG Strix Flare offers great value not only for how it performs, but also for the niceties that come with it
Design and Build Quality
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What's Good
Dedicated media keys are a welcome addition
Keys are very responsive, and short travel distance allows keypresses to register much more quickly
Well-polished and easy to use software
Aura Sync and customizable RGB lighting
What's Not
ABS keycaps, which are more prone to fading
USB pass through requires another connector
Non-detachable cable
Underwhelming build quality

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