It was not a long time ago when we posted our review of the OPPO F7. The OPPO F7 is definitely a phone to look out for in its price range. It offers a ton of improvements in many aspects over its predecessor – from its new design to a significant improvement in performance; to the refined cameras; and, the new features included in the software.

The OPPO F7 is still quite rough in some of the edges though – the software needs further optimization, camera focusing speed, as well as raw shooting speed is in need of some re-work. I also wished that they’d already move on to a Type-C port, and the absence of an LED notification light, is just plain mystifying, for a feature that’s very basic, but is also very essential. OPPO has made a huge leap here. And if they can address at least some of the issues that can be feasibly resolved, the F7 will be one of the phones to beat in the mid-range segment.

5 months later, we have the OPPO F9 – bearing a brand new design, enhanced cameras but bearing almost the same core specifications compared to its predecessor. What changed? Does it perform leaps beyond the OPPO F7 and its current competitors? Here’s our full review of the OPPO F9.


Storage64GB (Expandable)64GB (Expandable)
Display6.3-inch FHD+ 19.5:96.23-inch FHD+ 19:9 Super Full Screen Display
Rear Camera16MP (f/1.8) + 2MP (f/2.4)16MP rear camera
Front Camera25MP (f/2.0)25MP (f/2.0)
OSAndroid 8.1 + ColorOS 5.2Android 8.1 + ColorOS 5
Other FeaturesVOOC Flash ChargeFingerprint Sensor
AI Beauty Technology 2.0AI Beauty Technology
AI Scene DetectionAI Scene Detection
AI Battery Management

The F9 has a 6.3-inch display with Full HD+ resolution. Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes is the re-designed notch, which is now smaller and has a water drop design. It is perhaps the most talked about topic, which completely overshadows the seemingly similar design concept of the upcoming VIVO V11’s notch design.

OPPO F9 Unboxing 3 770x433 - OPPO F9 Unboxing and First Impressions


OPPO has also added a diamond-like pattern to the glossy rear panel, which responds beautifully when hit by light from the right angle. The one we have here is in Sunrise Red, but you can also get it in Twilight Blue, and soon, in Starry Purple. It is beautiful, in our opinion, although not as pretty as the one on their flagship, the OPPO Find X.

Honor Play vs OPPO F9 20 - OPPO F9 Review


For a midrange smartphone, OPPO F9 delivers unexpectedly better than we originally thought of. Don’t make any judgments based on what you see on the specs sheet though. The F9 has an impressive system resource management feature, thanks to MediaTek Helio P60 chip. It has amazing memory and CPU resource management at its core despite occasional throttling, depending on the requirement of specific applications.

We ran 4 games with the OPPO F9 and assessed its performance using GameBench. Here’s what we gathered, so far.

FPS Benchmark

Real world experience tallies with the benchmark presented to us using GameBench. Contrary to our usual gaming reviews in the past, we are not using Antutu Benchmark as we wanted to provide a more thorough approach in presenting performance. As you can see in the chart above, all the games we played performed really well based on the average FPS. We can attest that all the games are highly playable, and the performance is surprisingly at par with Huawei Nova 3i. When we compared this with Honor Play though, it is obvious that the device performs better than the OPPO F9. We all expected this, but what we weren’t prepared to see was OPPO F9’s ability to catch up despite having a mid-range SoC.

CPU Benchmark

Memory Benchmark

CPU and memory utilization are equally impressive on the OPPO F9. After running several tests, we noticed that the phone is able to smartly utilize resources even when doing strenuous tasks such as playing games, browsing multiple tabs of applications and jumping from one application to another.

There were multiple instances of throttling especially when playing games, but it was amazing for the phone to do this without draining too much battery when compared with its the Nova 3i and Honor Play.

mA Benchmark

With 30-minute gameplay of each game we tried on OPPO F9, the phone barely used more than 180mA per game. This means that at 1 full charge, you can – for instance – play PUBG on OPPO F9 for almost 20 times assuming that each round lasts 30 minutes, and there are no game matching involved. Honor Play is different though as it consumes 874mA per 1 round of PUBG. Hold all things equal, at one full charge, you can play PUBG for barely 5 hours.


Color OS 5.2 is, by far, the best and smartest iteration of the OS in OPPO F9. We have reviewed countless OPPO devices in the past, and the new OS gave us an all-new OPPO F-series experience. With all the new features included, using the device is smoother, better and smarter than ever before. Our personal favorite, apart from the souped-up camera application, is its Game Bar and the new video editing application.

Game Bar made gaming a lot better, thanks to its non-intrusive settings and content creation features. While the phone still records audio from its speakers, the fact that you take make screenshots and even record your game are plus factors. The video editing addon in its camera app is pretty useful too for content creators.

Here’s how these two software features helped me IRL:

  1. Play PUBG Mobile
  2. Swipe Game Bar and record gameplay
  3. Trim video and upload to Facebook or YouTube
  4. Profit


The new OPPO F9 sports dual rear cameras – a 16MP primary, and a 2MP secondary, the latter used for adding the depth of field effect to your photos. This time, the new F9 uses an improved Ai Scene Detection that enables the camera to optimize itself depending on your subject. It isn’t an unprecedented move as the OPPO F7 also has the same feature, albeit inferior to F9’s.

Up front, the OPPO uses a single 25MP sensor, while the Nova 3i utilizes a 24MP + 2MP combination.

While having AI enabled is fine for most scenarios, there are times when you’ll just want to have it off. Sadly, the F9 doesn’t have an option for you to disable its AI. This is one of the major advantages of Huawei Nova 3 and 3i, which I find really helpful at times when the AI is to prove itself.

In terms of photography, the major advantages of OPPO F9 are color saturation level, low light photography, and selfie. With AI enabled, we found ourselves satisfied with the photos we took, which proves the more subdued control of AI in optimizing specific photography levels. Good job, OPPO.

What OPPO needs to work out is the level of noise generated when taking photos in dark environments. This is forgivable, in our opinion, as this can easily be addressed in future patches since we’re talking about a relatively powerful camera sensor – Sony IMX576 Exmor RS Sensor.


At PhP17,990, OPPO F9 isn’t the most affordable compared to its competitors, but you can definitely count on its superior gaming performance and resource management.

OPPO F9 promises a wealth of smart features without breaking the bank. The term ‘smarter’ is an understatement in this version of F series, and we’re looking forward to using this for a longer period of time.


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Tokyo Game Show Special Coverage

Tokyo Game Show 2018

41711344 10155988194573337 3113579199126831104 o - We are going to Tokyo Game Show 2018

Witness this year’s biggest gaming convention in Asia, the Tokyo Game Show 2018. This September 19, our team will fly to Tokyo, Japan, to be part to TGS 2018. Special thanks to our brand partners Huawei Mobile, PLDT Home, Smart Communications and Cherry Mobile for making this coverage possible.

The Gadget Pilipinas Team was given access to a press briefing with Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director from From Software and a bit of hands-on gameplay. Here’s our take on the hands-on gameplay and the insights from the press interview. We also  figured a listicle is in order to rundown why this game will match the hype surrounding it.

Here’s our Top 5 reasons why “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” is to die for.

1) The game is Tenchu-inspired

sk8lqukaqalhq2mrzkqd 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forIf you’ve played any of the Tenchu games in previous game consoles, you know that the use of the grappling hook to set-up a one-slash-stealth kills from above is a hallmark of the series. Zipping to rooftops and treetops will be the go-to move in this game to get rid of sentries. And yes, those ever-so glorious decapitations and dismemberments with the stealth kill are present.

2) Casual or hardcore can play

sn1rmqcvrwomyuttaoyq 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forFrom Software is notorious for challenging games and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no exception. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director of From Software, revealed that he himself is a casual gamer and has made it clear that the game should be accessible to beginners and experienced players alike.

3) Upgradeable prosthetic arm

jjn6e6ivua5u142iukql 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forThat prosthetic arm that Sekiro has isn’t just for looks. It can launch a grappling hook and is upgradeable too. No details were revealed but its good to know that a skill-tree based system is in place. Think Horizon Zero Dawn or Spiderman on the way skill and gadgets are upgraded. Tech upgrades set in feudal Japan? What’s not to like?

4) Play the style that suits you

jo1pi5md3myj0pxynz9p 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forStealth like Tenchu or head-on like Dark Souls? It’s up to you. What’s clear is that you can’t use stealth for the whole campaign since the game wasn’t designed that way. Stealth can be used to thin enemy numbers and to preserve your health before confronting the big boss. The mix of stealth and hack and slash is always a good mix to change-up the pace and should suit any gameplay style.

5) Single-player only campaign can last 20 to 30 hours 

ocxemodvr6oa72argpyo 770x433 - Top 5 reasons "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is to die forThat’s the length of the campaign as per Miyazaki. The game is focused-solely on the single-player experience. No more wayward players who can just jump-in and help or derail your campaign. From Software also focused on the story-telling. Given that no resources were spent in developing the multiplayer aspect, expect the campaign to take it up a notch.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be released on March 22, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

Our Tokyo Game Show 2018 Coverage is brought to you by our brand partners: Huawei Mobile Philippines, PLDT Home Fibr, Smart and Cherry Mobile. Access our coverage here.

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Heads-up, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) players. The PES game you’re playing on your phone is going to get a major upgrade.

For starters, the visuals will get a major overhaul and will be using Unreal Engine 4 – the same graphics engine used in triple A games for consoles and PCs. With the use of Unreal Engine 4, PES will be inching closer to how it looks versus its console port. It

Next, over 3,000 new animations, improved player AI with every playstyle accounted for, and realistic ball movements has been optimized for fans to enjoy the ultimate soccer game.

And lastly, 10 new league licenses from Europe, South America and Asia have been added, including Japan’s J. League.

The best part? Despite these updates,  Winning Eleven 2019 is still free-to-play (with in-game purchases).

PES 2019 promises to give a life-like behavior of the beautiful game and should take competitive mobile sports gaming to new heights.

Screen Shot 2018 09 21 at 1.16.38 AM 640x327 - TGS 2018: PES mobile game to be updated to "Winning Eleven 2019" this December!

More about the game and new features, here.

Our Tokyo Game Show 2018 Coverage is brought to you by our brand partners: Huawei Mobile Philippines, PLDT Home Fibr, Smart and Cherry Mobile. Access our coverage here.

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