During its recent launch event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ASUS unveiled the newest iteration of its AI-enabled platform for business and learning institutions, Zenbo Junior.

zenbojr 3Zenbo Junior allows developers, system integrators and business partners to create flexible and easily manageable robotics solutions to improve  business operations and customer experiences. It combines comprehensive development tools, which include the Zenbo SDK and Dialogue Development Editor, which allow for the creation of specialized applications faster and easier.

zenbojr 4Its programmable sensors and tools also allow students to develop a solid foundational understanding of robotics and AI concepts, all while creating fun and interactive projects. Zenbo Junior has built-in capabilities that include independent navigation, following lines, and avoiding objects. It also has a programmable sonar, and can respond to touch interaction.


zenbojr 2For instructors, it also features a Classroom Management Console, which enables distribution and submission of teaching materials and assignments and the ability to provide student and teacher evaluations.

zenbojr 1

For businesses, deploying robotic business solutions has never been easier, thanks to the Zenbo Management Console, which allows for efficient remote management of multiple robot devices, and App Builder Pro, which lets users create menu driven interfaces for customer interaction.

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