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Last November 24, 2018, Webnovel, a global fictional stories hub, held its first ever fan-meeting in Manila which focused on the creation and translation of Webnovel narratives for Filipino fans.

To give you a background, Webnovel started out back in 2017 as an overseas portal for China literature,China’s largest online literature platform , and is available both on the web and on mobile. Its main purpose? the global dissemination of web novels to bring more value to authors worldwide, and to deliver high-quality web novels and an immersive reading experience to readers around the world.

Novels on the platform are constantly updated, and users get to enjoy free chapters as well. Readers in turn, can support their favorite authors and translators in a number of ways. With their encouragement, and an average reading time of 1.5 hours of active readers per day, authors and translators get motivated to further improve their craft.

Webnovel also offers diverse and interactive community service. By simply following updates, posting comments, and engaging in healthy discussions, readers can learn the culture and philosophy behind each work, while sharing their reading experiences and have fun.

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To date, the total number of unique visitors of the platform has exceeded 20 million.There are also more than 200 individual translators and groups, over 5,000 original authors, about 200 English translations of web novel works, and over 9,000 original English works published.

What’s in it for authors?

Authors can create their own story on Webnovel, with the help of a professional editorial team, who can help them hone their professional writing skills. The excellent royalty payment and Contracted Works Guarantee Systems ensures author’s earnings.

Webnovel caters to millions of loyal users. Through various platforms – mobile and desktop, each work is guaranteed to gain an exorbitant amount of exposure. Authors will also have the chance to participate in the commercialization of their works, letting them bring their characters and stories beyond the pages.

wn 3There are currently more than a dozen categories available to readers, including fantasy, romance, etc, with more works being created.

Webnovel in the Philippines

With digital content and reading becoming a trend, Webnovel is growing rapidly, adopting a diversified business model. In fact, it’s now on top of e-book ranking on Google Play.

Fantasy and romance novels are extremely popular in the Philippines. A study shows that as of November this year, 30% of the platforms readers are Filipinos, with thousands of local authors also creating their stories. Ex: Anjeeriku’s PS I’m (not) Over You and Lynerparel’s Adopted Soldier.

Some Filipino authors can earn more than a thousand US Dollars in a month through Webnovel. Their income will rise along with continuous updates and a growing fan base.

There will also be novels written in the local language on Webnovel in the near future. Hard copy books will also be published through local industry partners in the country.

You may download  the Webnovel for free for iOS and Android.

To know more about Webnovel you may visit their website or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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