The CEO of Realme’s Indian division has just revealed some nifty details about its upcoming smartphone. Presumably, the Realme 3. One is that it will have vertical dual cameras and a diamond design on the back.

realme3 helio p70
Photo: GSMArena

The Realme 3 will be powered by the Helio P70 processor, and is the second smartphone by the company to be powered by a MediaTek SoC, after the Realme U1. The Helio P70 is supposed to have lower power consumption in heavy games, faster CPU and downloads. It’s built on the slightly more efficient 12nm process.

There’s still no information as to when the new device will be announced, but speculations point to an 48MP main shooter. The Realme 1 and 2 were priced at around INR10,000 (around PHP 7,332.84) and it’s expected that the Realme 3 will be priced  below PHP 15,000.



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