These days, a simple case of miscommunication can ruin or nurture a relationship. A few decades ago, not answering calls may just be a sign of weak signal or a battery on its last ounces of juice, fast forward to today, and not answering a message can be interpreted as deliberately ignoring someone.

Before Smartphones

Mobile phones have come a long way. From the time when these devices were only for businessmen, the rich, or the geeks, and while it started to claw its way to more consumers thanks to brand’s like Nokia, it was still mostly seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.

Going digital

The new millennium saw a momentous shift. In just a few years, the mobile phone changed from being a nice-to-have to a can’t live without item.  The texting craze then took over, and paved the way for a new channel of building (and ending) relationships.

Now, the mobile phone has evolved into the smartphone, packed with features and technology that some thought weren’t even possible way back. Thankfully, this seismic shift has also allowed us to easily be in touch with our loved ones in fun and creative ways, wherever we are, and whenever we want.

Smartphone Rules

Let’s be straightforward, digital messaging and chatting can never replace actual physical communication. Sure, we can meet other people through apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc., relationships are often difficult to sustain without actually being with your partner. Let’s just say digital communication is merely a tool to augment our communication efforts.

If we’ve managed to build trust with our partners in the physical world, it would make sense that we need to agree on specific guidelines in the digital world as well. Every relationship is different, so it’s best that you talk with each other regarding your own “Smartphone Rules.”

Of course, you need to make sure that you’re using authentic and reliable smartphones. That’s why you should only buy from trusted online retailers like, which offers an invoice, Philippine warrant, and an official receipt for all your purchases.

While there are challenges to building trust in the digital age, it’s still one of mankind’s greatest innovations. And if used in a proper way, it can also make relationships stronger and more meaningful.

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