Vivo has cemented its position as an innovator of the smartphone industry last year. From the first in-display fingerprint scanner in the Vivo x21 to the impressive features such as huge screen-to-body ratio in the NEX series.

An unofficial image has circulated the web of what might be the speculated V15 or the latest in the NEX series. The image shows a pop-up front camera.

The image suggests that this model that will truly highlight what it’s like to have a notch-less display has been in the works since early 2018. Meaning, Vivo has been brainstorming how to create the smartphone with a full-screen display for a while.

Aside from the intriguing front elevating camera, rumors are that it will also jump into the triple-lens trend. Based on the image study, we could also be looking at a waterproof smartphone.

While nothing’s certain yet, what is certain is that Vivo is keeping up the ante and is releasing something unique and exciting this February.

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