After months of inactivity, Google has finally brought its Android Distribution Dashboard (a chart that shows the percentage of devices that run on each version of Android) back to life, with a bit of good news.

distri dashboard



Note : Data was collected during a 7-day period ending on May 7, 2019 

Thanks to Project Treble, the company’s initiative that allows manufacturers to easily update their devices, Android Pie is now on 10.4% of Android Devices, and take note, at the same time that it took Oreo to reach 4%.

Of course, 10.4% might look a little low on the surface, but hey, for an OS that’s just nine months old, it can actually be taken as a great feat, since you know, there are a lot of things going on under the word “Update.”

The reason why the company stopped updating the dashboard is that it’s merely showing percentages, which wasn’t doing any justice to what they were actually doing – that includes backporting libraries, to including major features in security patches, to pushing WebView updates to the PlayStore.

In any case, Google promises to provide more comprehensive data soon, and with the company pushing developers to target Pie as a requirement for their APKs, we won’t be surprised to see the number steadily rise.

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