Yesterday, HUAWEI Philippines conducts the first of series of workshops designed to help those who want to get good-looking photos with their smartphones – in particular, the HUAWEI P30 series, featuring the first Leica-Quad camera system.

huawei masterclass 1To showcase the P30 Series’ wizardry at work, the smartphone brand partnered with Abenson for its activity, and even invited  Celebrity photographer, Shaira Luna along with select members of the Ayala Alabang Camera Club to share their own tips and tricks on how to get the most of the P30 and P30 Pro’s powerful optics. Here’s a couple:

Choosing the Right Distance

To help the camera distinguish the subject from the background, a distance of about two meters from the photographer and the subject would be ideal. The farther the subject is from the background, the better the bokeh effect that will be produced. In this regard, the P30 Pro’s ToF camera can even capture minute details such as hair strands with its sophisticated 3D depth-sensing technology.

Finding a Suitable Background

The point of portrait shots is to be able to highlight details on the subject, complimented by the background. In essence, having a textured background with minimal intrusive elements (wooded areas, gardens) is better compared to busy environments like streets or store interiors. Those places with spots of light will also serve as perfect backgrounds, especially when the multi-level bokeh effect of the ToF camera kicks in.

Cycling Through Filters

You can play through the available filters to add that extra visual zing to your photos. Using a monochrome filter for example, can help mask unsightly background elements, while grainy and saturated filters add more character to the image. The P30 Pro’s ToF camera utilizes deep learning algorithms  to improve its depth sensing effect with every photo taken.

Pro Tips from Shaira Luna

huawei masterclass 3To start off, Shaira emphasizes core photography elements such as subject, location, purpose and composition. Lighting also plays a pivotal role in all shooting conditions. She emphasized that having different light sources can alter the nature of each shot’s mood, and that the P30 Pro is capable of striking the perfect compositional balance even in difficult situations such as low light, harsh or overhead sunlight, and mixed ambient lighting.

huawei masterclass 4She also shared some of her preferred shooting modes on the phone – Portrait and Pro modes, which gives her the ability to tinker with elements in post-processing such as white balance, contrast and saturation.

huawei masterclass 8She also shared a few tips on taking amazing shots with the P30, such as experimenting with light sources depending on the scene, bouncing light for beauty shots, avoiding light sources that are unflattering, and using studio lighting that comes from under and above the subject.

Photo Contest

huawei masterclass 6Participants were also given the chance to apply what they’ve learned by taking portraits of preset areas with models and good lighting, highlighting the P30 Pro’s capability to adapt to any condition and its depth-sensing prowess. Shaira Luna then chose 5 winners, all of whom received special prizes from HUAWEI.

Huawei P30 Pro 16

The HUAWEI P30 series is available for purchase nationwide. You can get the P30 Lite for PhP16,990, the P30 for PhP36,990, and the P30 Pro for PhP50,990.

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