ASUS has announced a new deal for its Back-to-School season with a PhP2,000 permanent price drop for select VivoBook S models. What’s more, every purchase of an ASUS VivoBook S laptop until June 30, 2019 also comes with a Hydroflask 32oz wide mouth vacuum tumbler worth Php 2,490!

VivoBook S14Old PriceNew Price
S430UN-EB018T PHP 50,995PHP 48,995
S430UN-EB019TPHP 50,995PHP 48,995
S430FN-EB056T PHP 51,995PHP 49,995
S430FN-EB057T PHP 51,995PHP 49,995
S430FN-EB058T PHP 51,995PHP 49,995
S430FN-EB062T PHP 51,995PHP 49,995
S430UN-EB020T PHP 63,995PHP 61,995
S430UN-EB021T PHP 63,995PHP 61,995
S430FN-EB059T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995
S430FN-EB060T PHP 64,995PHP 62,995
S430FN-EB061T PHP 64,995PHP 62,995
VivoBook S15Old PriceNew Price
S530UN-BQ138T PHP 50,995PHP 48,995
S530UN-BQ139T PHP 50,995PHP 48,995
S530UN-BQ234T PHP 56,995PHP 54,995
S530UN-BQ398T PHP 50,995PHP 48,995
S530UN-BQ003T PHP 63,995PHP 61,995
S530UN-BQ004TPHP 62,995 PHP 60,995
S530UN-BQ031T PHP 63,995PHP 61,995
S530FN-BQ023T PHP 64,995PHP 62,995
S530FN-BQ103T PHP 64,995PHP 62,995
S530FN-BQ104T PHP 64,995PHP 62,995

Go to your nearest ASUS Concept Store and authorized resellers, and experience the elegant style and powerful performance of ASUS Notebooks.

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