Vivo has finally lifted the curtains on its first 5G smartphone, the iQOO 5G. They didn’t say much specs-wise, but we do know that this phone is set to be launched within the next three months, which makes things that much more exciting.

vivo iqoo 5g
Photo: GSMArena

The iQOO 5G will sport a Snapdragon 855 connected to an external X50 modem, . What’s interesting is that they managed to fit in eight antennas while also preventing interference. That same modem also requires the motherboard to be larger, so Vivo had to find a way to retain the battery size, with still enough space to fit everything in there, and they did. 

According to Qing Fei, Director of  Vivo’s 5G R&D Center, 5G networks will reduce latency and allow for more devices to be connected to the network. It also allows for higher data caps from carriers. Latency can be reduced by up to 10ms, which is good news for gamers, streaming services, and AR applications.

vivo ar
Photo: GSMArena

They even showcased AR Glasses that can be used for gaming, 3D video, and for professional environments, which can directly connect with the phone, without the use of a computer.

He thinks that carriers will be able to increase their data caps from 20GB to 1TB, and because more devices can be connected simultaneously on a 5G cell, IoT devices in the future will be able to connect directly to the network, no bridge required.

vivo 120w flash charge
Photo: GSMArena

Vivo also formally announced its 120 Super Flash Charge Technology, which is touted to charge a 4,000mAh battery to full in only 13 mins, 50% at a staggering 5 mins. It works at 20V and 6A. They didn’t say whether this feature will be in the iQOO 5G, but we’re bound to know more, as the device nears its actual launch.

You can check out an ad with the phone in it, here.

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