Today, we’re heading down BGC in Taguig City, for a head to head camera duel between two smartphones that offer really good specs for a budget price tag, to see which one fares better.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at our contestants:

On one side is the Honor 10 Lite. This bang for the buck device sports a 6.21-inch FHD+ display, and has a Kirin 710 under the hood. It comes with 3GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage, and boasts a 13MP +  2MP (main + depth) rear camera, and a 24MP selfie shooter, all of which are AI-assisted.

On the other side is the realme 3. Taking the market by storm with its excellent specsheet and competitive pricing, this phone boasts a 6.2-inch display, and houses a Helio P60 augmented with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage. For optics, it also uses a 13MP + 2MP rear camera setup and a 13MP front snapper.

With Honor’s recent price cut, both devices are now sold for PhP7,990, which makes this battle even more interesting. We pitted the two against each other in a number of shooting conditions, from typical day shots, zoom shots, bokeh shots, night shots, and more.


In this photo of an intersection, the Honor 10 Lite captures more accurate colors, while the realme 3 placed a blueish tint to the photo. Details are pretty even for both though.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite

Close Up Shot

In this close up shot of a leaf on concrete, the Honor 10 lite’s AI shows its prowess with deeper blacks, better color reproduction and overall detail.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite

Depth of Field

While both shots exhibit a refined depth of field effect with no to minimal pixelation, I’d give this one to the Honor 10 Lite, as its edge detection worked better in this instance. Case in point, look at the left side of the tree.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite


In this case, the realme 3 was able to capture slightly better detail, and the AI didn’t overdo the enhancements, which resulted to a bright and lively photo.

Winner: realme 3


Again, the realme 3 did a good job of enhancing the colors on the photo, but the Honor 10 lite was able to capture more accurate colors.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite

Wall Art

In this test of texture, the Honor 10 lite shows deeper blacks, but I’d have to hand it out to the realme 3, as it managed to keep the colors closer to the real thing.

Winner: realme 3

Close Up Shot 2

Details, more details and a more natural tone. That’s what the Honor 10 Lite did here.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite


The photo shot by the Honor 10 lite looks a bit too soft, and too dark, while the realme 3 kept the lighting to a proper level, colors at the right amount of punchiness, and managed not to overprocess the edges.

Winner: Realme 3

Max Zoom, Details

Both phones are pretty much identical in terms of range. As far as detail is concerned, the realme 3 does it slightly better.

Winner: Realme 3

Color Reproduction and Detail

While photos taken by both phones show punchy colors, the realme 3 was able to do better in keeping the minute details intact, while the Honor 10 Lite’s AI simply treated them as “blemishes.”

Winner: Realme 3

Outdoor Selfie, Depth of Field

While both phones were able to capture a good amount of detail, the realme 3 was able to produce a more natural tone, as well as a more refined depth of field effect.

Winner: Realme 3

Indoor Selfie

In this indoor shot, you can see that the background is slightly overexposed on the realme 3, while the Honor 10 lite shows its prowess in control.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite

Low Light Selfie

The Honor 10 once again shows its prowess in controlling light sources in the background. The realme 3 on the other hand, has the background lighting all over my face and all over the place.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite

Low Light Structure

Using both devices’ dedicated Night Mode, the realme 3 was able to capture the sharper photo and more detailed photo, which also looks less grainy.

Winner: Realme 3

Low Light Cityscape

In this photo of taken at BGC High Street, the realme 3 once again placed a bluish tint to the image, while the Honor 10 Lite kept the colors natural.

Winner: Honor 10 Lite


With a score of 8 to 7, the Honor 10 Lite wins this battle by a a hairstrand, that’s thanks to cameras that excel in capturing detail, producing deep blacks, and accurate colors. The realme 3 on the other hand, is in no way a slouch, and shines with its more refined Night Mode and shows better detail at maximum zoom distance.

The Honor 10 Lite is the better camera phone, and with the recent price reduction, was made an even better deal, though the realme 3 comes very close, and remains as another device that offers good value for money.

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