It’s not often that we get to play games from lesser known devs compared to the big triple A studios. It’s also less than likely that the studio is comprised of a team that is proudly Filipino. Well, that’s not the case anymore since as of July 23, publisher Keybol Games have released their 2D action shooting game “High Noon Revolver” on the Nintendo Switch! Check out the release date trailer below.

High Noon Revolver is an action shooter that takes place across 3 layers of platforms as you collect gold and upgrades. The game looks cute but don’t be fooled, it’s quite tough and may take more than a couple of tries for you to even get past the first level! You’ll get to play as a colorful cast with unique weapons and abilities – Chickens with shotguns and robots with swords sounds colorful enough? There’s also quite a diverse number of stages as well, raging from sunken ships to haunted mansions, all while chasing down and collecting bounties from outlaws everywhere.

Check out High Noon Revolver, out now on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop for $3.00 and if you had pre-ordered prior to launch, you could have picked this up with a 20% discount! Clear up 53MB of space before you proceed to download the game and join us in supporting proudly Filipino made games!

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