Qualcomm snapdragon 1
Photo: Ars Technica

Qualcomm’s current performance king, the Snapdragon 855, has just been dethroned, and it’s no less than a new chip from the company. No, it’s not an 860 or 856, but the Snapdragon 855+.

By its name, the Snapdragon 855+ boasts a higher CPU and GPU clock speed compared to the regular 855. The Adreno 640 in this chip in particular, is touted to deliver up to 15% better performance.

Otherwise, it still comes with the X24 LTE modem and can be connected to an external X50 modem for 5G. RAM and storage support remain as they are in the non-plus version.


Perhaps the most interesting tidbit about this chip is that unlike the one on the ROG Phone, which was sort of an exclusive, the 855 Plus will be widely available to smartphone manufacturers. In fact, the company is expecting the first wave of devices that will run on it to appear withint this year.

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