Starting this July 30 until August 3, audiophiles and sound enthusiasts are in for a good treat as Sennheiser is going to hold a limited-time promo via Lazada during their Grand Launch Sale.

53aabfd85748b82409a299d12c43fbf2.jpeg 2200x2200q80During the promo period, buyers can get up 40% discount from Sennheiser. This may already be interesting, but they are even sweetening the deal by giving gifts for every purchase. How – you may ask? This is how this promo goes:

  • Each packaged gift has specific checkout amount requirement. When the latter is met, the packaged gift will be awarded accordingly. Pro-tip: check out Sennheiser’s page now, and add the ones you love to the cart. I personally recommend getting the Sennheiser True Wireless M3 if you want the best-sounding TW earphones in the market. Price during sale period will drop from PhP19,990 to PhP17,990 because of the 10% storewide sale. This purchase, alone, makes you eligible to receive an HP Gaming Mouse, Sport Armband, Bavin 10,000 mAh powerbank and Mi Band 3. Let me break this down once again: you’re getting a 10% discount + you’re getting freebies worth PhP1,495.
  • You see, during this promo, the best way to maximize it is to beef-up your checkout amount to receive more freebies. This isn’t going to be an issue if you  already planned to buy products from Sennheiser anyway.
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  • Check out the table below to serve as your guide during the promo period: 
Checkout Amount Requirement Face value PHP
HP Gaming Mouse + Sport Armband + Bavin Powerbank (10000mAh) + Mi Band 3 12,000 1495
HP Gaming Mouse + Sport Armband + Bavin Powerbank (10000mAh) 10,000 700
HP Gaming Mouse + Sport Armband 5,000 500
HP Gaming Mouse 3,000 450


  • We checked with Logitech about how buyers would be able to receive the freebies. According to them, they will start the delivery of freebies fourteen (14) days after the receipt of item from the customer. So, don’t expect to receive your freebies when you receive the product you bought.

What do you guys think about this upcoming promo by Sennheiser?

It will be our pleasure to know your thoughts. Are you planning to buy one? If you’re doing so, we invite you to check out the True Wireless M3 from Sennheiser. I’ve been mine for a few days now, and its performance is incredibly good! As usual, we’ll review it pretty soon!

Sennheiser TW M338

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