Huawei flagship phones have always been known for their camera capabilities. While they are considered to be the best camera phones, the previous processors of Huawei, the Kirin 970 and 980 did not support 4K 60fps video recording.

Well, the wait is over for 4K 60fps video recording support on Huawei flagship devices. According to a report, the company confirmed at the Huawei Developers Conference held in Shenzhen that the next flagship SoC will support 4K 60fps video recording.

It will also be the first to use the –pure-play foundry’s extreme ultraviolet (EUV) process ode manufacturing.


While reports mention that the upcoming flagship processor is the Kirin 990, it could be the Kirin 985. Whatever the name is, it is said to debut on the upcoming Mate 30 series which means, we can expect 4K 60fps video recording on the Mate 30 and onwards.