September is when the big games really start pouring in but August holds some sleeper hits that will surely give your wallet something to think about. Spend now or save up for those triple A’s? Whatever your choice is, there’s no lack of quality games for the rest of 2019 and we start off with our top picks for August.



Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch exclusive, August 30)

Platinum Games. Need we say more? This Switch exclusive is a fast paced action adventure game led by Takahisa Taura of Nier:Automata fame and the one and only Hideki Kamiya from Devil May Cry / Bayonetta.  No local pre-orders have been announced yet but this is looking to be like a day one purchase for most Switch fans, including us.


Control (PS4, Xbox, PC, August 27)

First revealed back in E3 2018, it was easily overlooked because of other announcements like Sekiro and Gears 5. “If you can pick it up, you can blow it up” is what the game goes by and as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Control, it is up to you to stop the Hiss from taking… well, control. Sorry Switch fans, other consoles get the spotlight for this release.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4, Xbox, PC, August 30)

From the makers of Until Dawn and The Inpatient comes another survival horror game that will pit 5 characters trapped in a ghost ship where each decision you make can mean life or death. If horror is your thing (and quick time events), you won’t want to miss out on this.


Blair Witch (Xbox, PC, August 30)

What is with August 30? Xbox and Horror fans should be in for a treat as the creators of the underrated game “Layers of Fear” are out with their new title set 3 years before the first movie came out. There’s not much information to go by, but if you’ve got Bloober Team at the helm, expect some good ol’ fashioned scares.


Oninaki (PS4, Switch, PC, August 22)

From the makers of Lost Sphear and I am Setsuna come another classic JPRG for fans of the genre. The 2 previous titles from Tokyo RPG factory were not particularly outstanding in any way, but Oninaki is looking to take big leaps in storytelling and gameplay mechanics, hopefully resulting in an experience that is worth taking.


See anything you like? Let us know what game you’ll be picking up for the month of August!

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